Site Development, Towers, Utility Infrastructure
Over 260 Locations, Erie to Philadelphia

  • Robert M. Dettore of the JD Bravo Company Staff served as the Pennsylvania Project Executive for Rohn Industries of Peoria Illinois to complete the design and construction of this multiple-phase, multiple-prime undertaking.
  • Working in close cooperation with the Commonwealth Radio Projects Staff, Alcatel (Microwave), and Motorola (RF), Pennsylvania became one of the first states in the US to engineer and construct an 800MHz communications system integrated with voice, data and video. Construction of this system allowed real-time communications with virtually all land areas of the Commonwealth-a first as vast areas were as far as 25 miles from the closest hard-wired communications facilities.
  • The System’s microwave backbone relied on the construction of 230 tall towers, like the one pictured below which in turn allowed for local RF connectivity.
  • Mr. Dettore maintained the full executive responsibility to direct Rohn’s Pennsylvania efforts from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he led a diverse Staff of 17 in the oversight of 6 contract regions.
  • Mr. Dettore was directly responsible for the contracting approach by geographic zone and devised alternatives to bonding for performance security from the subcontractors working at his direction.
  • Given the remote location of many sites, this system was among the first to test and use hydrogen fuel cells for use as a steady-state backup electrical power source.
  • This project was constructed from 2000-2005 at a cost of $75 million

Pennsylvania Statewide Radio System


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October 30, 2017

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